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Win-Win Situation For Both Shippers & Carriers

Superior Shipping Efficiency

Shipping everything on a single truck from point A to point B guarantees that your items will arrive safely and on schedule, and that you will only be charged for the amount of space you actually utilize.

Enhanced Carrier Profitability

We are able to make the most of our trailers and boost our revenue when we load up the trucks to their maximum capacity. This results in more money in our pockets.

Don’t Need a Full Truckload? Get a Less Than Truckload Shipping Service!

We understand that you may only sometimes need a full truckload. Getting a full truckload would mean spending more on less, especially if you don’t have a big load to deliver. That’s why we also offer a less-than-truckload freight service at Green Page Logistics. Less-than-truckload is ideal for relatively smaller quantities and loads of freight. It is easy, efficient, and safe, like a full truckload. You don’t have to worry about paying for the extra space if you don’t need it! Simply get a less-than-truckload freight service option and utilize your money effectively. Count on us to ensure that your experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Moreover, if your freight size is incompatible with a smaller truckload, you can explore our other options, for instance, our full truckload service. Sounds like the service you need? Feel free to contact the experts at Green Page Logistics today!

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Why Choose Less-Than-Truckload Service?

Here’s why you should go for a less than truckload freight shipping:

More Pocket-friendly than a Full Truckload Shipping

It is a surprise to none that less-than-truckload service costs less than a full truckload. It helps you save money and spend it wisely!

Fits Your Needs Better

Got a smaller quantity or load of freight? No need to spend on a full truckload logistic service if you don’t need it. This one’s ideal for you!

Enhanced Efficiency

Sealing, packing, and setting the truckload freight for transportation takes less time. You can enjoy its enhanced efficiency any day!

Truckload Industry Options


Fresh Foods

Dry Goods




Dry Fruits



Green Page Logistics have provided me one of the most affordable rates for Low Truck load services. They just completely solved my product transportation problem! Highly Recommended!

Bob Max


I never knew that Green Page Logistics would cater the Full Truckload problems with such high Efficacy! I mean not even a single product to the customers was damaged! Kudos to the team!

Kristina Watson



Marry Wilson


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