If you are someone who is not sure about the types of services offered by a transport trucking company, this article is for you as we will be covering some of the most common types of services that are offered by logistics companies.

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Different Types Of Trucking Services By Transport Trucking Company

When it comes to trucking services, there are many different types offered by transport trucking company. However, you need to be aware of the various types of transport offered by the companies to see which one will prove to be most cost-efficient and safe for your cargo. So you can make a better-informed decision about which one will better meet your business requirements.

Partial Truckload or LTL

This trucking service is for businesses that need to ship cargo and does not require a full truck, but it is over 100 lbs. The partial truck or LTL option allows shippers to send their products along with the products of other shippers, where they only pay for the space that they use.

This option is great for shippers that do not require a full truckload as it is more economical. However, this option allows you less control over the shipping route and the timing at which the cargo will be delivered since you will be sharing the space with other shippers.

Full Truckload or FTL

Full Truckload or FTL, just as the name suggests, is an option when you require a full truck to ship your cargo. The measuring for this is typically 40’-53’ long, 12.5’-13.5’ high and 8’-8.5’ wide. This option is feasible for businesses that require a dedicated truck just to ship their own goods. This option allows you greater control over the route and timings of the delivery, unlike partial truckload or LTL Trucking.

Flat Bed Trucking Service

This type of trucking service is mostly availed by businesses that need to ship cargo that requires easy loading and unloading as the products, or the material that is being shipped is already packed into containers and does not get affected by the weather. This type of trucking service is usually used by the farming and construction industry in which they have to ship their big machinery and the building supplies etc.

Reefer Trucks or Refrigerated Trucks

This refrigerated trucks or reefer transportation option is usually utilised by businesses that need to ship perishable products like meat, produce, poultry, cheese etc. This trucking service is also availed by the pharmaceutical industry when they have to transport their perishable chemicals. This service allows you to control the level of humidity and temperature in the truck. Hence when you deliver cargo with the use of refrigerated trucks, you have the peace of mind that your products will stay fine. These trucks can be availed in LTL or FTL trucking options.

Intermodel Freight Shipping

This service is offered by a transport logistics company when you have to ship cargo by utilising two or more methods of transportation, such as at first you need to use rail to ship cargo, and afterwards you require a truck to drop it to the final destination. This service is mostly used by businesses when they have to deliver cargo across continents. For instance, a shipping container can be transported at first by rail from new york to Nebraska and then it will be transported by a truck from Nebraska to Norfolk, NE.

White Glove Service

This trucking service is mostly utilised by businesses when they require someone to take extra care of the items when loading and unloading and also to take care of the packaging. In this service, unlike other trucking services, the team will come to the destination, pack the products for you and load them into the truck, after which, when they reach the destination they will unload the goods and unpack the materials from your business. It is more of a complete transportation solution.

So these are some of the most common services offered by transport trucking companies. If you would like to work with us, you may contact us or visit our website for more information.